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Reiner jetStamp 1025

The Reiner jetStamp 1025 features a large print area measuring 85 x 25mm. Text can be printed from 1mm in size up to 25mm with print functions including real time date, time, offset date and counters. This handheld device comes equipped with a 25mm ink cartridge which ensures no 'stitch mark' appears through the print.

All graphics, barcodes and QR codes are printed at a 300dpi resolution with black ink for porous and non-pourvus surfaces and yellow ink for non-porous dark coloured surfaces. They type of ink used can be changed quickly by simply swapping the ink cartridge.

To use simply pull one of the 3 triggers on the handle, the printer head will traverse within the frame of your printer and make your print in about 1 second. This type of printer is ideal for using on bottles, jars, tubes, cartons, sleeves, pouches, lids and documents to name a few. 

Reiner jetStamp for traceability marking
Reiner 1025 jetStamp from NCB Marking Equipment
Printing cartons using the Reiner jetStamp from NCB Marking Equipment
Traceability marking using the Reiner 1025 jetStamp from NCB Marking Equipment



194 x 200 x 98mm


Approx 950g

Printing technology:


Max. imprint size (WxH):

85 x 25mm

Max. print speed:

<o.9 x/imprint

Print resolution:


Battery capacity:

Up to 1,000 imprints

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