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Handheld Inkjet Printer from NCB Marking Equipment Ltd.
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NCB Marking
NCB Marking

The Handheld Inkjet Printer is an innovative marking tool, ideal for achieving permanent marking on an extensive range of applications.

This light, handheld device will print on an extensive range of surfaces including concrete products and pipes, pallets and shipping crates, metal drums, glass and plastic bottles to name a few. The handheld inkjet printer will mark easily onto rough, porous and uneven surfaces including uneven concrete and timber.

The handheld inkjet printer is totally wireless so can be used on remote sites allowing users the freedom of product marking, coding and labelling at the touch of a button. The printer comes with a choice of ink colours, black, white, yellow and blue so even marking on the darkest of surfaces is possible. Print heights range from 9 to 57mm and text, graphics, 2D codes and barcodes can be easily printed onto any surface. The handheld inkjet printer is very easy to use by simply sending the text you want to print from your PC using the provided software via a Bluetooth interface. The handheld inkjet printer stores a staggering 50,000+ messages which can be easily retrieved using the touch screen application. 

Handheld Printer

For accurate printing on awkwardly shaped products the inkjet printer can be used in junction with a number of accessories including:

  • A stabiliser for printing along the length of a pipe
  • A convex product adapter to allow uniform printing around the circumference of a barrel or drum
  • Straightly line adapters to ensure long messages are printed in a straight line

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Handhled Inkjet Printer available through NCB Marking Equipment Ltd.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, please contact.

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Tel: 01531 640400
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